Step 1: Install Violemtmonkey

First, please install Violentmonkey, the userscript may not work properly if you use Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.

Download Violentmonkey for Chrome or Firefox. This userscript is only for desktop computers.

Step 2: Install IVE Att & Abs Calculator

Download and installation

Go Greasyfork download and install IVE Att & Abs Calculator. *Please ensure you are using Violentmonkey.

Step 3: Register an account & Account binding

To enable to use the IVE Calculator. You need to register an account at this website. After complete registration, go profile page, copy the secret key, and go myportal to bind your account the userscript.

  1. Register a account on this website, and go profile copy your secret key *Just click on the copy button, it will automatically copy to your clipboard.
  2. Go to myportal Profile(個人檔案) Class Attendance(課堂出席) select any module you have ever attended. *Please ensure your myportal was traditional chinese(繁體中文) version.
  3. Select the icon of Violentmonkey on the toolbar, and click Bind account(綁定帳戶).
  4. Enter the secret key (copied from the profile page) and the student ID number.

Step 4: Calculate the attendance and absent

After you have finish bind your account to the userscript, you need to refresh the page, but remember F5 it doesn't work for myportal, so it means you need to select another module for refreshing.

In the end, you will see a button at the bottom right of the website. Just click it and type in the total hours of current module.*Please make sure your current module have ever attended.

Additional function

  • Update all subject in the dashboard(更新報告表中的所有單元) - The web browser will be refreshed continuously during the period(Future enhancement)
  • Reset dashboard(重設報告表) - Clear all data in the dashboard.
  • Reset all - Clear all data that stored in the system.